Here is a few more letters I Got this Month

Some really nice creative a pretty letters.  Here are 4 new ones.

IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0011


First Letter

My first snail mail full letter came in yesterday by a young woman who sent me some stickers and done in a lovely envilope.  She put lovely cat stickers on my letter to spruced it up saying she saw that I liked cats.  How sweet.  Here is the dear letter now.


A Trip to Micheals


So I headed to Micheals last night to get some crafting supplies for more letter writing and a found some nice pens, and some stickers and some winter stationary.  Over all a very fruitful trip.  Although I was quite tired on my way home on the bus and I’m glad I didn’t doze off.   But lucky me the bus stops right in front of my building.  Here is my new stash of stuff.


Finding Pen Pals

I have a master list of sites dealing with Pen Paling that I want to share with you and tell you which one I recomend.   Here is the list.

The first one is called The Postal Society I’ve had the best results with.  It’s mostly female members who are really into the letter writing thing as a hobbie almost.  We have a few male members but they are respectful and just as much into letter writting as the females are.  If your honestly looking for good people to write this little community would be a good palce to start.


Got More Pen Palling Supplies

So my dad was over yesterday and the card he gave me had money in it.   So I jumped up and down and thanked him a lot.  So my dad, step mom and me went to our local mall to do a bit of shopping.   Had to paruse the Wallmart of course.  So where do I head…to the arts and crafts department to check out scrapbooking and stickers and other such things.  I found some decorative Duct tape so I was able to get two different nice colourful ones to decorate the envilopes.  I was able to find a glue stick and some scrapbooking paper I can use as stationary on the back side of it.   So here is the stuff I got.   I’m all glee over it and did a happy dance about it and jumped up and down.

1526385_1597938640426379_2842309486532772690_n             A second happy thing about today is I finally got all the mail I had put together mailed out this morning at the post office.  Yay, it’s on it’s way.   It was about 18 dollars Canadian to mail out one international letter and 5 other letters to the USA.   Some of them were bulky so it cost a bit more.   I hope the recievers will like them.  Now I get to look forward to mail coming my way.  I’m way to excited about that.  LOL Toodles.  🙂