Got More Pen Palling Supplies

So my dad was over yesterday and the card he gave me had money in it.   So I jumped up and down and thanked him a lot.  So my dad, step mom and me went to our local mall to do a bit of shopping.   Had to paruse the Wallmart of course.  So where do I head…to the arts and crafts department to check out scrapbooking and stickers and other such things.  I found some decorative Duct tape so I was able to get two different nice colourful ones to decorate the envilopes.  I was able to find a glue stick and some scrapbooking paper I can use as stationary on the back side of it.   So here is the stuff I got.   I’m all glee over it and did a happy dance about it and jumped up and down.

1526385_1597938640426379_2842309486532772690_n             A second happy thing about today is I finally got all the mail I had put together mailed out this morning at the post office.  Yay, it’s on it’s way.   It was about 18 dollars Canadian to mail out one international letter and 5 other letters to the USA.   Some of them were bulky so it cost a bit more.   I hope the recievers will like them.  Now I get to look forward to mail coming my way.  I’m way to excited about that.  LOL Toodles.  🙂



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