Male Pen Pal

I tend to be cautious about having male pen pals because most sites are like meat markets.   As a female you add you profile and you get all the male population requesting to write you.  I’m not saying all men that are on the pen pal sites are bad but the bad ones make it hard for the men who are sincere into just making pen pal friends.   You just have to be cautious on who you decide to respond to if you choose as a female to have male pen pals.

One site I posted to lets you recieve messages and they email you and let you know someone left you a message.   So last night I got a message from a guy in the UK and my first knee jurk reaction was to not even read it and just delete it.   But something stopped me and I decided to read it anyways.   This guy told me he was from the UK and he saw we had some things on my profile in common.   Such as anime, mmorpgs and he was a cat person and I had 2 cats.   I was a bit shocked that there was a male who responded intelligently to my profile and his tag line was not “hey baby”.   I was very pleased with this  and sent him a quick line a one of my email addresses.  He again responded in a well thought out intelligent response and understood why I was hessitant to respond.   So when my eyes get more awake I can start writting a letter to him since he passed me on his mail address.  He seems kind of new to this so I’ll chatter at him in the letter and let him know more about me and how to have fun with letter writing.  I forgot, though, to give him my real name.   LOL.  Let’s pray this goes well since I have a good feeling about this one.  🙂   Toodles all.


Snail Mail Pen Paling

What gives?  We have email and it’s cheaper?  Yes true but you can be much more creative with paper and craft and decorate your own letters the way you want them to be.   Pull out construction paper, sizzors, markers, stickers, washi tape and go have some fun and put some effort in.  It’s almost a lot art to write an actual letter.  A hand written letter is much more personable then an email and you had fun doing it too.  Besides getting a personal letter is like getting a present cause you never know what’s inside.  Some people add stickers, tea, bag tags, a candy, homemade cd’s, puzzles, funky buttons etc.  It becomes a DIY project.  And you get to put your whole heart into it for making someones day.

With that said here are a few pics of some mail I’m sending out within the week.  I put some effort into it and made it fun to do and fun for the other person to recieve.  I had a blast doing this as well.

10857962_1595413880678855_1881744380139004426_n     10849734_1596699267216983_221799725624893582_n